Come up to the Farm This August

IMG_6691Every Wednesday from 3:30 until 7:00 is our farmer’s market at Valley View Presbyterian Church, 601 N. Aiken Ave. This week we’ll have lots of good stuff, including eggs from our chickens, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, ground cherries, delicious specialty watermelons from Clarion River Organics, and more!

Each Thursday night we work with volunteers at the farm from 5:30 until about 8. This is your chance to check out the farm, get to know people, learn about gardening, and help us out!

Tree Planting in Mexico Farm Prep in Pittsburgh

IMG_6404John Creasy (me, GCF Director), Jessica Sprunger (PULSE intern at GCF) and seven other volunteers from the farm and The Open Door Church just returned from an amazing two weeks of working with indigenous farmers in central Mexico. We planted over 75 fruit and nut trees and plenty more shrubs, herbs and perennial vegetables. It was a great time of learning and teaching as we shared our experiences with small scale farming and absorbed as much knowledge as we could from our hosts. Back at home the farm has been in full swing with most of our annual crops in and dozens of new perennials too. We planted more hops this year, added a hedgerow of hazelnuts to the upper garden and have been planted native and beneficial plants all over the place.

Our farmer’s market starts this Wednesday, 3:30 to 7:30pm at Valley View Church 601 N. Aiken Ave.

Introduction to Permaculture Class

John Creasy will be teaching a one day class on the principles and techniques you need to understand and better utilize the ways of permaculture. We’ll study the use of polycultures in your garden, plant and insect relationships, water catchment and conservation, energy in your home and on the farm, and more. Check it out here:

When: Saturday, February 28th – 9am to 3pm
Where: The Livermore (corner of Highland Ave. and Baum Blvd. in East Liberty)
Details: Cost is $50, “treats” will be provided by The Livermore to supplement a lunch that you bring.IMG_5979produce3

GCF “No Menu Monday” at Bar Marco

Bar Marco can’t get out of the news these days, ever since they announced they’ll be doing away with accepting tips in place of paying their employees a $30k+ wage with benefits. Bar Marco, and owner Bobby Frey, have always had a bigger vision for the restaurant than just being an amazing restaurant. One way they are making a difference in the community is through their “no menu Monday” events when a local non-profit is selected to receive all proceeds from an entire evening’s meal. The “no menu” part comes through the collaboration with other local chefs on these special evenings. Each non-profit selects a chef willing to donate his or her time to prepare a one time selection of dishes to raise money. On Feb. 2nd Garfield Farm will be working with Chef Chad Townsend and chef Dan Robinson to create an amazing evening of great food. Check out the event page here and make a reservation! There’s no extra cost, just come eat some amazing food and enjoy an evening out!IMG_2488

Alt. Gift Card Downloads

A BIG thank you to all of you who donated toward our alternative gift campaign! We’ve learned that some of you have not received the beautiful card that is to be emailed to you when you donate. This is the card that you can then give as a gift to someone stating your donation made in their name. Please email if you need us to email you the card.

Make Black Friday Green This Year


CSA veggies for one local family.

CSA veggies for one local family.

Support Garfield Community Farm by selecting one of our “alternative gift options.” You can donate money for a new fruit or nut tree, a subsidized CSA share for a local family, seeds for the coming growing season, money to support our internship program, etc. This year we’ll be planting hazelnuts, raspberries and seaberries around the farm. We’ll also be hiring interns from the neighborhood and from local colleges to work the farm and learn about urban permaculture. Please consider a gift to help us with these things. You can donate in someone’s name and we’ll provide a downloadable PDF card for you to give them.