Garfield Farm’s Director to Receive 40 Under 40 Award

Today I found out that I was nominated and accepted as one of PIttsburgh’s 40 under 40 award recipients for 2016. I’m humbled and very surprised, especially when looking at the top notch professionals on the list with me. I assume those who nominated me did it because of Garfield Community Farm and what those 2.5 acres of once abandoned city land means to them. My accomplishments are nothing without the tireless work of hundreds of volunteers and dedicated seasonal staff who work long hot hours because they believe in what we do. I told an old friend yesterday that I don’t want the farm to get bigger, I’m not looking to start new farms, but I’m hoping that others will start contextually appropriate urban farms for every neighborhood of the city of Pittsburgh. I hope that Garfield Farm can be one example of many showing how it can be done. 40 Under 40 list

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