2013 CSA!

2013 CSA Program
CSA Mission: The Garfield Community Farm CSA program exists to provide the best quality local produce to people in Garfield and surrounding neighborhoods. We will also provide community engagement, environmental education, and education on holistic healthy living. Our CSA will be intentionally small, relational and neighborhood focused.

CSA Description: A wide variety of vegetables will be harvested and distributed on a weekly basis from our pickup site in Garfield. Each week will include approximately enough vegetables for a family of four for one week. Also available for CSA members will be various culinary and medicinal herbs found throughout the gardens at Garfield Community Farm, members may harvest these on their own as they are ready throughout the year.

Suggested Donation Per Share: $20 per week at 20 weeks totaling $400.00 for a full season. While a donation in full is encouraged before the season starts, participants may opt to pay $100 before the first pick-up of each month. Reserve your share now with your first month’s payment. Contact john@pghopendoor.org for details.

Working Share: People may agree to work at least five hours every week for the farm and receive a share of the CSA for no cost. These work shares are also limited. Scheduling your work hours is flexible, but at least one morning a week should be available. Most work share participants do a slightly less intense option of three to five hours per week and pay half the cost of a full share.

Hope Share: Individuals and families in the Garfield Neighborhood may be considered for our Hope Share program. Depending on income, families may purchase their share for three-quarter, half or quarter price. Hope Shares are reserved first for Garfield residents. If you receive FMNP or SFMNP checks through the WIC program we can accept these for payment. We expect to also be able to accept SNAP benefits by the spring of 2013.

Time Frame: Mid or late May through Early October
Responsibilities of CSA Members: Our CSA farm is truly a “community supported” farm. It is hoped that each share-holder will volunteer at the farm in addition to paying for their weekly vegetable and fruit allotment.

Pickup: Pickup of all vegetables will take place on Wednesday evenings at our farm stand at Valley View Presbyterian Church located at 601 N. Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, PA between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 PM.
First Come, First Serve: While we hope to expand our capacity in future years we will only allow for 15 – 20 CSAmembers in 2013. That means you should sign up with the first month’s payment well before our March 1st deadline.