Great Day at the Food Bank

Once a month Valley View Presbyterian Church holds a large food bank distribution. They serve around 120 families on most months. We’ve been trying to give away as much of whatever we have in abundance each month. Today it was collard greens and salad greens. Two things that our neighbors in Garfield absolutely love! Today was extra exciting because it was the first day that our interns participated in the food bank. One of our interns this summer, Teresa is helping to head up the Urban Kitchen Project for the farm. One of our plans is to demonstrate during and before the foodbank how to cook the produce we’re giving away. Today Teresa demonstrated how to make some amazing and healthy salad dressings. She did an awesome job and everyone loved the samples they took. The coordinator of the project, Anna, has been great too at pulling together the right team and tying up all the little details that surely would have missed. It was a special morning seeing so many people blessed by the fresh produce we had to offer and also seeing them love the salad and dressings we were whipping up.

Great job all! This is what it’s all about!