Young Urban Farming Initiative – February Lesson

This was our second lesson with our fourth graders at Fort Pitt Elementary in Garfield!

We did a lesson on the life cycle, we started some of our seedlings which the kids will take care of in the classroom and will later in the spring be able to transplant at the farm which will grow veggies to go to local families!

We also had our friend Jenna from the Union Project come do a pottery lesson, teaching the kids where clay comes from and how to make a small pot which we’ll fire at the school and some of the seedlings can go into in a couple months!

Thanks to Christy, Lisa, Jenna and John for all your work!!

FOOD, INC. – Movie Discussion and Dinner!

Want to know more about exactly where your food comes from? How much do we really know about the food we buy at our local supermarket and serve to our families? What other options are out there?

Watch the movie in community. Discuss the reality with local farmers. Experience a meal of local organic meat and produce.

Cost: $10 for an amazing dinner!

Please register by emailing John Creasy at

Space is limited so please do not only respond via this facebook invite.

FOOD, INC. flyer

2010 Pilot CSA

The mission (unofficial wording here) of Garfield Farm is to get healthy, organically grown vegetables into the hands of people who live in the Garfield neighborhood. We’ve been successful at that to some degree over the past two years, but we can do much better as our growing capacity increases. Last fall Kelly had the idea of doing a small CSA to more effectively impact the people we are trying to serve. A CSA model of farming usually looks something like this. Farm has people buy shares for a season’s worth of vegetables. People come to the farm to pick up their veggies weekly. People support the farm by buying all their vegetables from that farm and by volunteering at the farm. Pittsburgh already has some great CSA farms. We will be different. We will be focusing half of our shares on lower income families in the Garfield Neighborhood and half of our shares on middle income families from Garfield and surrounding neighborhoods. The lower income families will have opportunity to buy in at 25 – 50 percent of the market cost, others will support the farm by paying a full market value for their veggies. We’re really excited about this opportunity to get lots of veggies to some of the people who need them most in our neighborhood.

If you would like to support us and get some awesome produce all summer and fall, contact

We have very limited space for those who want to support us by paying full price, so respond early. Your spot will be reserved with your first months payment. Email for details.