Work Night Tonight! Fall Harvest Cookout Saturday!!

Hi Friends!

We’ll be working at the farm tonight from about 5:30-6:30 to get our space ready for Saturday’s Fall Harvest Cookout! Please come out if you can and help.

Also, please join us and bring friends to the Fall Harvest Cookout, this Saturday October 31st from 2-5pm. The farm is located on the corner of Wicklow and Cornwall St in Garfield. You can link find a map below.

It’s a family friendly block party style cookout where we’ll be hearing stories from neighbors, playing games, pumpkin carving, serving chili and cornbread and lots of goodies!

Any questions? Feel free to email us or call 412.874.8231.

Hope to see you tonight and Saturday!

Kelly and GCFneighborhood kids at the farm!